Touch Machine Instructions

Dear users, thank you for choosing TouchWo all-in-one machine. Please read the instructions carefully in order to properly use and maintain your machine and help ensure your machine a longer life.

Product introduction

The touch all-in-one machine independently developed and manufactured by TouchWo is the most convenient, simple and practical human-computer interaction equipment that combines touch technology, computer technology, multimedia technology, audio technology, network technology, industrial plastic arts, machinery manufacturing technology and streamlined integration design. With excellent touch and query performance, TouchWo touch all-in-one machine can quickly complete the query and display of information and truly offers simple and practical human-computer interaction services.

TouchWo touch all-in-one machine has been widely used in a variety of occasions, such as car showrooms, brand stores, hotel lobbies, fairs, company showrooms, supermarkets, banks and government agencies. Our many years' commitment to the R&D and production of touch products has made us more competitive than counterparts both technically and in practical use.

Configuration and technical parameters

Touch screen parameters

Touch screen type

Projected capacitive touch screen

Response time

< 5ms

Touch points

True 10-point touch


Drive-free, plug and play

LCD screen parameters

Screen type

LED backlit, LCD screen (Class A)


1920*1080P, 1366*768, 1280*1024


≥ 250 cd/


≥ 50001

Display parameters (only used by the touch display)

Power interface


VGA input (15-pin D-Sub)


High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)


DVI interface


PC-AUDIO input


Headphone output


Sound output power


Number of loudspeakers


Host computer

CPU, memory, hard drive, power supply board

Power parameters

Input power

110240V AC 50/60Hz

Total power consumption

100W or 120140W

Standby power consumption


Working environment

Working temperature


Working humidity

10% - 95%

Storage temperature


Storage humidity

10% - 95%

Supplied accessories



Power adapter


Warranty card

1 set

Certificate of Quality

1 set


Power On / Off

Plug the end of the power cord into the machine's power cord socket.

Insert the power plug into the power socket.

Turn on the power switch on the machine. "I" means On; "O" means OFF.

Click the Start button on the desktop and click "Power Off" button to turn off the machine and then unplug the power cord.

(Note: The Start button varies with the model and is subject to the actual machine.)

External device access

Other USB devices (such as U disks, mouses and keyboards) can be connected with the machine via USB interfaces to operate the machine or install software.


Proper maintenance can prevent many of the early failures.

Regular careful cleaning can give the machine a new look.

Pull out the power plug before cleaning and maintenance to prevent electric shock.

Usage points

Be sure to handle the touch screen, which is a glass product and fragile, with care when moving it.

Disconnect the main power after turning off the machine.

Don't plug or unplug any live part of the machine in the charged state, including external devices.

When the machine is not in use, cover it with a dust cover and disconnect the power.

Be careful not to pull any of the connecting wires inside the machine, otherwise it will cause disconnection or a short circuit in the power or signal. Do not dismantle the machine to avoid damaging the components.

When a fault occurs, immediately turn off the main power, pull out the power plug, stop using the machine and contact the manufacturer immediately.

Don't dismantle or repair the machine by yourself.

Maintenance points

Before turning on the machine every day, use a soft dry cloth (or moistened with clean water) to wipe off dust and fingerprints on the touch screen surface.

When cleaning the machine, use a soft dry cloth. Do not use a damp cloth or a cloth with chemicals.

Safety warnings

Power supply

Please check and ensure that the voltage value on the nameplate on the back cover of the machine matches the main supply voltage.

Make sure that the products whose supply voltage is greater than the safety voltage are installed or placed in a position out of the reach of children.

Unplug the power cord during a thunderstorm or lightning storm.

Pull out the power plug when the machine is left indoors unattended or not in use for a long time.

Prevent the power cord from physical or mechanical damage.

Please use a dedicated power cord or adapter. Do not modify or extend the power cord.


When writing on the screen, do not use hard or sharp objects instead of fingers or pens.

Turn off the machine and pull out the power plug before cleaning.

Use a soft clean dry cloth to wipe the screen

Do not spray water or cleaning agents directly on the screen for cleaning

Do not leave a high-brightness image statically displayed on the screen for a long time


Do not place the equipment on uneven and sloping surfaces.

Do not place the equipment in a location with high-temperature or strong-light sources such as direct sunlight, strong wind, heavy smoke, electric heating and boilers.

Do not place the equipment in a location directly under the action of strong power, magnetic fields and radiation.

Do not place the equipment in harsh environments such as damp, dripping or splashing liquids, highly corrosive gas, and proneness to flammable gas leaks.

Do not insert anything into the interior of the equipment.

Do not place heavy objects on the equipment, which may prevent the equipment from working properly due to excessive pressure.


Do not place the equipment near electric warming ovens or radiators.

When moving the equipment from a low-temperature area to a high-temperature one, place it there for a while to fully evaporate the condensation in the equipment before powering it on.

The equipment's normal ambient operating temperature is 0-38.


Do not expose your equipment to rain, humidity or near water.

Please keep your equipment in a dry and ventilated area. The equipment's working humidity is 10%-90%.


Place the equipment in a ventilated area to ensure good heat dissipation.

Make sure there is at least 10 cm of space around the equipment and at least 20 cm of space above and below the equipment for heat dissipation.


The manufacturer shall not assume free warranty obligations under any of the following circumstances:

Product damage caused by violating the instructions

Hardware damage due to improper assembly

Product damage caused by unauthorized modification or repair

Product damage caused by usage beyond the allowable working environment

Product damage caused by abnormal external force

Product damage caused by natural disasters or other force majeure events

Unauthorized removal or damage to the disassembly tag

Unable to provide a valid proof of purchase

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