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【EDUCATION】Touchwo information display board to debut the music school to create a smart campus

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A few days ago, the information showcase of the music entered the music school. After installation and commissioning, it has been officially put into use. The changes brought by the new technology have made people shine and become a beautiful landscape on the campus. The classroom arrangement, school appearance and attendance functions of each classroom can be displayed at the door of the classroom.

Information Display Class Cards Help University Education Informationization

Every school has a information display board in front of the door of the cultural and professional teachers. Students only need to take a card on the class card, attendance is completed, instead of the traditional teacher point to function, the teacher can also view it through the mobile phone. The news of the students entering the class. At the same time, you can also self-check the campus information, class information, college style, notices, lectures and activities on the class card.

information display board

Touchwo diversified information display board

The construction of smart campus has become the trend of campus information development. In order to meet the needs of different customers, the company has developed a variety of sizes (10.1-43 inches), various styles (horizontal/vertical screen) and multi-function (swipe card). /logo, etc. The information shows the class card, creating a new visual and teaching fusion of campus culture. Of course, it can also support customization, and strive to provide a better service platform for education management campus, teachers, students and parents.

information display board

Touchwo all in one PC and integrated software can also be used in a variety of industries such as education systems, commercial displays, corporate meetings, advertising inquiries, game entertainment, industrial control, and military command. Products have passed ISO9001, CCC, CE, RoHS and FCC certification, welcome to consult!

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