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What is the use of a touch screen computer?

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From the appearance of the one-touch computer, it has been close to ten years, and it has been slowly accepted by the market. It has been applied to all walks of life, and every application has brought changes to the application industry and improved the technological content of an industry. Nothing to say. Now, on many occasions, it is not difficult to see the figure of a one-touch computer. This new human-computer interaction, high-definition touch screen, display vivid visual and auditory effects. The adoption of the touch all-in-one computer not only enhances the image of the application side, but also provides many services to people.

touch screen computer

The difference between the touch computer and other electronic terminals is its touch screen, and it supports multi-touch. The multi-touch function is derived from the capacitive touch screen, which can multi-touch to complete different commands and make the control more convenient. From the advent of touch-screen phones to the popularity of touch-enabled devices, multi-touch has long been nothing new, and infrared screens and surface acoustic wave screens are also popular in the market. However, in the touch screen market, it is still dominated by capacitive screens and infrared screens. Nowadays, the touch screen of the touch computer on the market is mainly a capacitive touch screen and an infrared touch screen. The two touch screens have certain complementarities and different characteristics. When selecting, they should be combined with specific analysis and selection.

Touch computers used in public places are often based on display. In many public places, there are some touch displays that display advertisements or display some brand product information. These touch displays are also called touch. The advertising machine, such an advertising machine, not only can meet the advertising needs of the business, but also meet the needs of viewers and users to obtain information. Advertising machines can bring considerable advertising revenue to the publisher.

Touching computers is easier to see in crowded places and where people are crowded. More and more enterprises have introduced touch computers in the front desk and conference rooms. It not only helps enterprises to enhance their image and display and convey corporate culture, but also provides convenient services for company employees and even visiting customers. Nowadays, the touch-one machine is suitable for many industries. The business, government, education, service, etc. can all use the touch-one machine, which can bring a lot of help to the application side.

For the display of the touch-enabled machine, why is it better than ordinary advertising displays? Because of its compatibility and personalization. Especially in public places, ordinary advertising displays regularly broadcast information prepared in advance, which is unable to meet everyone's information needs. Because men, women and children are good. For example, men like to read about technology, car information, women may prefer some information about fashion, the elderly like health information. With the powerful content compatibility of a touch computer, everyone can see what they want to see. With touch, you can get the information you need.


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