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​【BANK】Touch inquiry AIO computer is applied to all aspects of daily work

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Touch all in one inquiry machine integrates touch screen, display, control computer, audio equipment, various network interfaces and cabinets on one machine. Of course, some special-purpose touch all-in-ones include more equipment. For example, the bank's touch-all-in-one kiosk for automatic withdrawal also includes a keyboard, a magnetic card swipe, a passbook, and a micro printer.

Touch all in one inquiry PC

Touchwo inquiry touchscreens/ all in one PCs/ query machines are gradually applied to all aspects of our daily work. For example, in banks, telecommunications business halls, postal business halls, tax collection halls, city streets (city information enquiries), office buildings, airports, stations, museums, libraries, exhibition halls, hospitals, hotels, etc.

In short, no matter where you go, when youencounter a touch inquiry machine, you only need to touch the screen with yourfinger, and the information you need will be presented to you. If all theplaces that need to ask questions or consult are equipped with a touch inquirymachine, then our work and life can be more convenient.

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