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【INDUSTRIAL】Touchwo touch 2 in 1 PC applied in military industrial control

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With the application of touch screens, intelligent technologies such as the LOT and cloud computing in recent years, more industrial sites began to implement industrial touch integration solutions. Recently, a aerospace engine assembly plant has introduced a number of Touchwo capacitive touch all-in-one integrated machines to realize intelligent industrial information application.

  • Embedded installation,

  • Pure flat touch panel appearance,

  • 178 degrees viewing angle :

  • 1920*1080P full HD display

The applications of touch AIO PC could simplify the collection, processing and display of production data to improve efficiency and flexibility,

They also help to detection, control, scheduling, etc.,during the industrial production process, for the purpose of increase production, improve quality, reduce consumption and others.

Touchwo  touch screen monitor/tablet/ 2 in 1 PC can also applyed flexibly in education systems, corporate meetings, advertising inquiries, game entertainment, industrial control, military command and many other industries.

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