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How Touch All-in-one PC helps mobile phone recycling

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The iteration of electronic product updates is accelerating, and users are speeding up their phone replacement.

In this context, the recycling industry is also keeping pace with the times,  introducing a touch all-in-one machine to better carry out mobile phone recycling and trade-in services, which greatly enhances the efficiency of trading services.


6 Features

-10 point capacitive touch;

-Installation - embedded and open optional;

-High definition display - 1920 * 1080P resolution;

-Waterproof - IP65 surface waterproof level;

-Universal - customizable wide temperature high brightness screen;

-A variety of sizes - 8-86 inch is available.


The 27-inch large-screen display is rich in content, which can be used to play product advertisements and enhance the company's brand awareness;

Users can read more product information on the touch machine, and check the product


Capacitive/Infrared touch screen monitor/AIO computer (8-86 inch) and interactive software can also be used flexibly in education systems, corporate meetings, advertising inquiries, game entertainment, industrial control, military command and many other industries.

Touchwo Company/Products have passed high-tech products, ISO9001, CCC, CE, ROHS and energy-saving certification.

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