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【HOSPITAL】Touchscreen all-in-one computer for the Smart medical construction

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Digital medical care is changing the traditional service model of hospitals. The construction of smart medical care is an important task of medical reform.

A medical institution in Shenzhen introduced the 65-inch Touchwo capacitive touch integrated computer for running medical software, human internal structure and biometric information display.

5 inch touchscreen all-in-one computer.JPG


▲ 4K high-definition full-view experience, medical information is perfectly displayed.

▲ Equipped with high-performance discrete graphics, doctors can quickly access data and medical resources.

▲ 65-inch large screen brings you a excellent visual experience.

▲ With a high image processing capability.

▲ Support customization.

65 inch capacitive touch all in one machine.JPG

The medical software has extremely high requirements on configuration performance, and the powerful performance and beautiful appearance of the Touchwo all-in-one PC is the recommended solution for the hospital's application scenario.

The touchscreen all-in-one computer is equipped with a mobile base. When the doctor needs to share the screen content, the machine can be adjusted to tilt or even vertical.


The Touchwo touch screen monitor and all-in-one computer make it easier for patients to see a doctor, and make the doctors work more efficiently.

Also there are other sizes available in ranging from 8-inch to 86-inch to meet different medical application scenarios.

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